Please consider providing financial support so that people in and around Mandritsara can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Good News Project in Mandritsara depends on regular support from Friends of Mandritsara Trust to continue running. The Project raises some funds locally in Mandritsara from fees charged to hospital patients and pupils in the Good News School. However, the Project needs to receive around £250,000 in 2019 from us. We receive regular donations and one-off donations from a wide variety of supporters, including individuals, churches and trusts.

Funds sent by Friends of Mandritsara Trust are used to support the various ministries of the Good News Project. Through these ministries, many people in and around Mandritsara are cared for through the work of the Good News Hospital, the Good News School, the Community Health Team and the Radio Station. Nurses and midwives receive training at the Nursing School and many village church leaders receive Bible Training. Through all these means the gospel of the Lord Jesus is made known and God is building His church.

The Good News Project Finance Manager, Madame Rindra, gratefully processes the funds received for the project:

We believe this mission was entrusted to us by God, on whom we want to be continuously dependent, and the Project seeks to serve with love, a spirit of service and professionalism.
— Madame Rindra, Finance Manager

Building a new theatre complex for a sustainable future

The new theatre complex will bring much needed additional facilities to the hospital. A recovery room for monitoring patients in the important moments after an operation, an intensive care unit for the care of the sickest patients, and a new sterilisation facility to help to reduce post-operative infection rates are planned. These facilities will have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of the thousands of patients who are treated at the hospital each year.

The new theatre block will contain three major operating theatres, and one minor theatre. This increase in capacity will increase the number of patients operated on each year, and allow one theatre to be dedicated to emergencies so that there is no delay in operating on these cases. This increase in theatre capacity is also essential for the training of Madagascan missionary surgeons, allowing trainees to gain experience in a supervised and non-time-pressured environment.

We anticipate that in the coming years, the number of patients operated on at The Good News Hospital will continue to rise, and that increasing the surgical capacity of the hospital is therefore of vital importance.

The New Theatre Complex will Continue to establish the long term sustainability of the Good News Hospital and project, and its gospel witness in Mandritsara.


 Previous project: Solar panels for the hospital


“The Solar panel project was an important project because the electricity supply in Mandritsara is not very stable, with frequent power-cuts which are not ideal in a hospital environment. With so much sun here in Madagascar, solar panels were the best possible option. The project was fully funded by generous giving and installed by a team sent over from New Zealand.”

Sarindra Razatovololona

Maintenance manager for the Good News Project