Consider playing a vital role on the ground by going to Mandritsara

This small 57 bed hospital provides a wide range of medical and surgical care for a population of nearly 250000 people in northern Madagascar. We provide both in-patient and out-patient care, and aim to provide continuity of care for each patient seen. The hospital also has a maternity ward providing care in pregnancy and in the immediate post-natal period. Madagascar is the poorest country in the world which has not been engaged in civil war or other conflict.

While we have a number of young local clinicians in place we still rely on the help and supervision of more senior medical and surgical colleagues from across the globe. At present we have one young surgeon in training. More experienced colleagues provide valuable support in daily clinical settings. They may also provide a stimulus to personal professional development. Continuing professional development is challenging in remote areas such as Mandritsara due to the lack of resources, lack of personnel and the pressure of high daily workload.

The Good News Hospital relies on the help of more senior medical and surgical staff from across the globe. Short and long term doctors and surgeons are always needed.


Current needs:


If you would like to find out more about going to Mandritsara to serve in any capacity, please contact the Team Leader:

“As missionaries in Mandritsara we enjoy the wonderful privilege of holding out gospel hope at the same time as giving compassionate medical care to a people who so desperately need both. Seeing God at work here in Mandritsara has deepened our faith in Him, and strengthened our dependence on Him through good times and bad.”
— Ted Watts