We are seeking an experienced electrician to join the Friends of Mandritsara missionary team, to work with the Maintenance department at the Good News Hospital project, Mandritsara, Madagascar.  

Responsibilities would include maintaining the project’s electrical circuitry and equipment. Recent large projects to install a solar power system for the radio station, school and hospital have been undertaken. 

The next phase of upgrade is to overhaul the existing electrical circuitry and lighting. This role would also provide opportunities for training local staff.  

Local languages spoken are Malagasy and French.  Basic French would therefore be helpful and a period of language study can be arranged locally. 

This is not a salaried position and all foreign missionaries serving on the Friends of Mandritsara team are expected to cover all travel and living costs, either by self-funding or through raising financial support. Short-term volunteers are generally self-fund and longer-term volunteers are sent by a church or missionary organisation. All workers should have the prayerful support of their home church.

To find out more about going to Mandritsara to serve in this or any other capacity, please contact the Team Leader: