The surgical services offered at the hospital have developed and grown gradually over the last 24 years. At present, approximately 1,400 operations are performed each year, across the full range of surgical specialities. The hospital remains the principal surgical provider for a large region; receiving patients from across northern Madagascar. Only 90 surgeons serve the 20 million inhabitants of Madagascar.  

Surgical training options are very limited, and the Good News Hospital has a vision to train Madagascan missionary surgeons to serve both the population of Mandritsara and beyond, holding out the hope of Jesus Christ as they offer compassionate, skilled surgical care. The Good News Hospital recently started the “Mandritsara Bellwether Fellowship in Surgery”. The aim of this two-year training program is to equip Madagascan trainees to manage the majority of common and emergency surgical problems, across a wide range of surgical specialities. Our first trainee, Dr Tefy, is in the first year of this program. Our long-term aim is to establish a 5-year surgical training program accredited by the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). 

An additional long-term accredited surgeon is needed to join this call to serve the people in need of surgical care today, and invest in Malagasy surgeons to provide the care of tomorrow. Medium and short-term surgeons can also play a very valuable role in supporting the long term staff fulfil this mission. 

You will need to be able to speak, read and write some French, as it is the working language of the hospital. This is not a paid role; you will need to raise your own funds for flights and your expenses during your time in Mandritsara. Short-term volunteers are generally self-fund and longer-term volunteers are sent by a church or missionary organisation. Good quality housing is available locally. There is a teacher who supports the education of missionary children. All workers should have the prayerful support of their home church.

To find out more about going to Mandritsara to serve in this or any other capacity, please contact the Team Leader: