I know you’re not supposed to have favourites but there might be one who made me smile a lot! 

A few months ago, a young 10-year-old boy was admitted onto the medical ward with breathing difficulties following a possible neck trauma. The steroid medication wasn’t helping and the doctors were faced with a difficult decision as his breathing was worsening. After much prayer and discussion, the decision was made for Dr Ted Watts to perform a tracheostomy – a first for him and the hospital! The nurses were understandably wary so Louise and I were able to show them how to suction and keep it clean etc.

After a few weeks of him coping extremely well, we took out the tracheostomy and let the hole in his trachea heal. For him not to acquire any further infections or develop any problems with the tracheostomy was a miracle in itself, plus that he was being covered in prayer! Following his discharge, he used the opportunity of his daily dressing changes to come onto the ward to charge his phone or speaker – this was a highlight of my day – to hear a little knock and then see his huge cheeky grin and a finger to his lips as he snuck in saying ‘salama tompoko’ (hello/are you well) in his quiet raspy voice.

The last time I saw him, he unzipped his jacket to proudly show me his wound had closed up with a thumbs up saying ‘tsara’ (good). Indeed, God is good!