Hosea's colouring book

My name is Louise, I am a nurse and recently started working on the surgical ward at the Good News Hospital. It has been a massive transition from nursing in the UK to nursing in Mandritsara. It can be especially difficult with language and communication at times. 2 weeks ago we had a little boy who came to the hospital with a broken femur, he will be with us for 6 weeks. Each patient with traction is given a little calendar book to help them count the 6 weeks down – it takes them through the bible and each day has a picture to colour relating to the story. It has been a joy to watch Hosea colour his book and read the stories out loud for everyone to hear. I watched him hold his book up and telling bible stories to the other patients last week. We can continue to pray for this little boy, his healing and that as He works his way through the Bibles stories he will learn more about God and see how the God of these stories can be the Lord of this life.

He has now picked up on the things I need to say to other patients and when he sees me struggling he shouts across the ward with the correct Malagasy to help me – I am very thankful of his translation and bringing joy to the difficult days.